sage Tea
sage Tea

sage Tea

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sage tea


Sage is a miraculous herb that is beneficial to our body with its endless benefits. So what are the diseases that sage is good for? In order to fully enjoy the benefits of sage, it is necessary to know how to brew sage. Here are the benefits of sage, sage brewing advice and information on use ...


Sage is good for depression.
Sage helps remove harmful toxins from the body.
Sage improves brain function
Sage alleviates bronchitis and asthma symptoms
Sage cleans the liver
Sage helps treat urinary tract infection
Sage reduces excessive sweating
Sage reduces stress
Sage calms
Sage Relieves Postmenopausal Symptoms
Sage slows the graying of hair
Sage is used against fungal infections
Sage improves memory
Sage is used as an aid against Alzheimer's
Sage lowers blood sugar
Sage is used against gingivitis
Sage is used to treat mouth sores
Sage relieves nervous headache
Sage exercises the gallbladder
Sage used as mouthwash water
Sage takes a sore throat
Sage delays old age.
Sage minimizes the problem of cellulite.
Sage protects the digestive system and is good for diarrhea.
Sage is brewed in two different ways. In the first of these, it is brewed like regular tea. In this way, the taste of sage is a little bitter. In the second, a small twig is placed in a tea glass and boiling water is added over it. Locals call it "branched". Thus, when the color and smell you want appears, you can remove the branch. The scent of sage prepared in this way is lighter and more pleasant to drink.

You can use fresh sage or dried sage leaves to brew sage. For 3 large tea glasses, 8-10 fresh sage leaves or 1-1.5 teaspoons of heaped dry sage leaves will be sufficient. After the water boils, turn off the stove or turn the stove down well and throw the sage and let it brew for 5-7 minutes. Brewing for more than five minutes is not recommended because of its bitter taste.

Although sage has many benefits that we have mentioned above and are unknown, it may be harmful in its consumption. Sage, which is beneficial for our health, can turn into a harmful one. Sage has no harm in terms of health, but consumption of more than 2-3 cups per day can pose a serious health threat.


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