Rose Petals Coated Finger Turkish Delight
Rose Petals Coated Finger Turkish Delight
Rose Flavored Delight + Pistachio

Rose Flavored Delight + Pistachio

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Rose Flavored Turkish Delight With Pistachio 


  • Turkish delight or lokum is a Turkish traditional confection which is like a jelly candy.
  • Dusted with icing sugar or coconut, Turkish delight is generally in the shape of a cube or a finger with different fruit aromas or with milk aroma.
  • It consists of pistachios or hazelnuts.
  • This premium variety is coated with rose petals, flavoured with pomegranate and is enriched with pistachios.
  • Coming from Ottoman times, today Turkish delight is enjoyed during a wide range of events with its attractive look and taste.
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