Marshmallow flower tea
Marshmallow flower tea

Marshmallow flower tea

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When you learn about the benefits of the marshmallow flower , you may want to try it .


  • Marshmallow flower is known as a remedy for that endless cough, which is popularly referred to as "dry cough". At the same time, it accelerates the healing process of diseases such as flu, cold, and common cold.
  • In addition to this feature, it also has positive effects on various stomach ailments such as gastritis reflux.
  • Since it supports the healthy functioning of the digestive system, it is also recommended for those who have problems such as indigestion and gas pains.
  • Since marshmallow is a natural pain reliever, it relieves pain in various parts of the body.
  • Supporting the faster recovery of the inflamed areas, the marshmallow flower has positive effects in solving many serious problems from kidney inflammation to shingles (nerve end inflammation).
  • It supports the health of the kidneys, thus showing diuretic properties.
  • The marshmallow flower, which positively affects the health of the skin in long-term use, provides moisturizing and cleansing of the skin.
  • When the tea obtained by brewing in hot water is used while washing the hair, it is possible to obtain brighter and healthier hair.
  • Since marshmallow flower is seen as a natural pain reliever as well as a natural sedative, it is a solution to the problem of insomnia due to stress, nerves and these negativities.
  • After brewing marshmallow flower in hot water, when you cool the tea you get and gargle, it has a positive effect on dental and gum health thanks to its power to heal inflammation, let's not go without saying.



how do you think marshmallow tea is brewed ? In fact, it is not that different from classical herbal teas. You boil the water well and immediately add the dried marshmallow flowers. In this way, you can wait for 10 minutes and after brewing, you can drink it with pleasure. You can use about 5-6 dried marshmallow flowers for 1 glass of hot water, brew 1 liter with a full handful of marshmallow flowers.

If you wish and think that it will enhance the taste of tea, you can add fresh ingredients such as cinnamon, which regulate blood sugar, to your marshmallow flower tea recipe.

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