Detox Tea
Detox Tea

Detox Tea

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Detox Tea


Detox tea, prepared as a result of a mixture of different herbs, is an organic herbal tea. Our bodies react negatively when we say unhealthy foods, toxins, and bloating. At this point, we can activate detox teas. Detox teas that help to cleanse our body and regulate the digestive system also facilitate weight loss.

Benefits of Detox Tea

Removes Toxins From The Body

It helps the liver cleanse itself and activates enzymes by removing alcohol, caffeine, smoke and harmful foods from your body.

Cleans the Liver

Detox teas, which help the liver to remove toxins and waste, also play an effective role in blood and energy production. If you feel discomfort in your liver and feel low energy, you can support your liver's metabolism process.

Strengthens the Immune System

Detox tea consumed daily cleanses your body and helps it function in a healthier way. In addition, if you mix it with cinnamon or cardamom, it also fights diseases with its antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

Aids Digestion

It helps with constipation and diuretic problems depending on the herbs you will use in your detox tea.

Boosts Metabolism

You can burn more calories with detox teas that allow your body to rest. It also reduces body bloating and water while helping you burn fat.

Detox Tea Recipe

Let's end our article with the detox tea recipe that you can easily prepare.

Ingredients: 1 dessert spoon of mate tea, 3 cloves, l1 lemon juice, 1 apple (green apple), 3 black pepper, 1 liter water, 1 cinnamon; 5 stalks of mint, 5 stalks of parsley, 1 kiwi or cucumber

Preparation of; 1 liter of hot water is boiled and all the ingredients are added. After boiling for 3 more minutes with all the ingredients added, the boiling tea is kept for 10 minutes.



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