Civan Perchemi tea
Civan Perchemi tea
Civan Perchemi tea

Yarrow Tea

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Yarrow Tea


Yarrow TeaIt is a prairie plant that has been used as an alternative medicine method in various cultures since ancient times to alleviate ailments such as digestive system problems, pain, inflammation and skin wounds. It has different names as oil lamp, carpenter grass and thousand and one leaf grass. It grows spontaneously in grasslands, roadsides and fields. It is a type of plant with yellow and white flowers that forms in clusters among grains. Yarrow has been used as a herbal remedy with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects for inflammation and infection problems since ancient times. It has a bitter taste and a very pungent odor. However, this self-growing wild and edible herb has very beneficial properties for health. Yarrow contains many vitamins and minerals that the body needs.


What Are the Usage Areas of Civan Perchemi?

Yarrow is a flowering plant used as a supplement to modern medicine for the treatment of hormonal problems and digestive ailments, which are generally seen in women. This useful plant that grows in its own form helps to reduce the effects of many diseases from colds to eating disorders, from pain to high fever. Yarrow is a plant from the daisy and chrysanthemum family. It is known to be used in meals as a vegetable in many cultures. It is necessary to pay attention to the collection and drying methods in order to make the most of the yarns. Yarrow must be collected during peak hours of the sun. It is very common to use it by drying, but you can also make and consume tea as age.

What are the Benefits of Civan Perçemi Tea?

  • Civanperçemi tea; It helps to reduce the effects of problems such as stomach ailments, indigestion, cold, cough and fever.

  • When the Civanperçemi is boiled and drunk for the treatment of hemorrhoids, it helps to shrink hemorrhoids.

  • It can contribute to relieving women's painful, depressive and aggressive periods with its calming effect. It can help in the treatment of delayed menstrual periods, pre- and post-menopausal disorders. 

  • It is known to strengthen the nerves and nervous system. It is also known to help reduce fever and increase appetite.

  • Many effects of the Civanperçemi for the female reproductive organs are used. Civanperçemi tea offers relaxing benefits for various uterine diseases, ovarian inflammation or genital disorders. 

How is Civanperçemi Used?

It is recommended to use Civanperçemi as half bath by adding it to bath water. Half baths made with bath water mixed with Civanperçemi help to reduce the effects of female reproductive disorders, genital problems, fibroids and white discharge. Freshly cold-pressed yarrow juice has a relaxing effect on the airways. It can help regulate blood circulation and heartbeat. At the same time, it is known that it helps in the treatment of wounds and boils thanks to the ointment prepared with the juice that is crushed from the Civanperçemi.

How is Civan Perçemi Tea Brewed?

To prepare the yarrow tea, one teaspoon of finely chopped or dried Civanperçemi plant is thrown into a large cup of boiling water and infused for 10 minutes. It is then consumed by straining. "Can my Civanperçemi be drunk on an empty stomach?" As the answer to the question, it can be stated that this plant can be consumed on a hungry or full stomach. However, Civanperçemi tea should not be drunk more than 2 glasses a day. Although herbal teas offer healing effects, people with some chronic diseases should not consume these drinks without consulting experts. It is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to consume Civanperçemi tea.




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