Chamomile tea
Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea

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 which is one of the oldest and most widely used herbs in human history, is known for its pleasant aroma



Reduces menstrual pain

One of the most well-known benefits of chamomile tea is to reduce menstrual pain. It is good for menstrual cramps, relieves the pain that occurs in the person and the person is relieved in this way.

Eliminates sleep disorders

Chamomile tea, which helps to sleep better, prevents sleep disorders in people. It triggers sleep for those who have trouble falling asleep and helps people sleep better.

May slow or prevent osteoporosis

It can slow down osteoporosis, ie bone resorption. Bone resorption, which is more common in women in the postmenopausal period; It creates a risk of bone fracture and deformity. One of the benefits of chamomile tea is to provide this.

It prevents cancer

Thanks to the antioxidant apigenin found in one of the studies, it eliminates various cancer risks such as breast cancer, digestive system, skin and prostate. In another study, it was stated that drinking chamomile tea helps prevent thyroid cancer.

Reduces inflammation

It has an anti-inflammatory effect as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It is especially effective in the treatment of stomach and intestinal cramps. If chamomile tea is consumed regularly; It helps to reduce problems such as nausea, muscle spasms, stomach ailments.

Prevents diabetes

Chamomile tea is an auxiliary herb for people with diabetes. It lowers blood sugar levels and regulates the amount of insulin in the blood. In this respect, it has a preventive effect on diabetes.


Perfect for skin health

Chamomile tea is very useful to treat or prevent skin problems. It is especially helpful in treating itchy and rash skin diseases. It also removes skin irritations such as eczema and rosa and has an antioxidant effect. Makes the skin look brighter, minimizes wrinkles.

It reduces stress

One of the greatest known benefits of chamomile tea relieves the person from stress and anxiety. It calms people and is good for migraine pain.

Suitable for hair care and oral health

It is perfect for alleviating irritation on the scalp and strengthening the hair strands. It also removes dandruff and gives softness to hair in general. Another benefit of chamomile tea is that it has antiseptic properties. It prevents bad breath, prevents tooth decay. It protects the teeth and gums. It can also be good for toothache.



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