Ceylon tea
Ceylon tea

Ceylon Tea

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Ceylon Tea

Ceylon Tea is a special type of tea grown in Sri Lanka. For Sri Lanka, the fourth largest tea importer in the world, Ceylon Tea has both cultural and economic value.


1. Protects Against Cancer

One of the most important features of this tea is that it fights cancer. Green and black Ceylon tea varieties are very successful in neutralizing carcinogenic substances in the human body thanks to the polyphenol substance they contain. It protects you against cancer types that may occur in the future and also affects the destruction of formed tumors.

2. Your Heart's Best Friend

Ceylon Tea is an effective aid in fighting against the enemy of the heart, fat and bad cholesterol. In this respect, you can think of him as the best friend to your heart. It prevents plaque accumulation and narrowing on blood vessels and arteries. It also prevents diseases caused by excessive blood clotting.

4. Fights Against Diseases

This tea is an indispensable part of the winter months. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains, it fights the risk of infection and diseases. Increases the body's resistance against bacteria and viruses, minimizes the risk of disease,

5.It is an Effective Assistant in Weight Control

Black tea has an effect that accelerates metabolism thanks to the theine substance in it. Just like coffee, it wakes you up and prepares you for the day. Moreover, it does this in a much more innocent way than caffeine. This acceleration in your metabolism is one of the most important points for weight control in the body. It also prevents bloating by facilitating digestion.

6.Sri Lanka's Elixir of Youth

Thanks to the large amount of antioxidants it contains, this tea works like an elixir of youth. So, what does this antioxidant do? Antioxidant cleans harmful components from the blood. In this way, they reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. They also contribute to long life by preventing premature aging.

How is Ceylon Tea Brewed?

You heard about its features, it's time to prepare! Ceylon Tea , which is very tasty in every aspect , will give the best results when these special brewing steps are followed. First, calculate how many people you will serve. Then pour one teaspoon of tea per person in a teapot. It is very important that the teapot you use is ceramic or glass… To fully enjoy this tea, stay away from metal teapots! 

It is also very important how you brew this tea with water. A good tea actually means good water. First of all, it should be boiled fresh… So you should use it immediately after boiling it from its source. The cleanliness of the vehicle you boil for tea is also very important. If you're using that heater, take a look at the tiny debris at the bottom. During boiling, these deposits mix with water and spoil the flavor of all food and beverages made with the water you boil here. To prevent this, you can clean your heater with lemon salt. You can clean this heater, which you have filled with water up to its brim, by putting a handful of lemon salt in it and boiling it. Since you do not use cleaning agents, there will be no residue and no situation that puts your health at risk will occur.

In this suitable environment, put the water you have boiled over the tea in the teapot. Let it steep for 15 to 20 minutes. Be careful not to exceed 20 minutes. Otherwise, the tea will become bitter. After 15 to 20 minutes, you can serve the tea. By the way, this period should not be binding. If you find the tea so strong, you can brew less. The important thing is to brew it in a way that appeals to your taste.

If you use sugar, it may be difficult to get the true flavor of this tea. For this reason, we recommend that you throw very little sugar. You can use granulated sugar instead of cube to adjust the sugar amount. If you are looking for a healthier alternative, you can also sweeten your soul with honey.

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