Calendula tea
Calendula tea

Calendula tea

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Other Names: Altincik, Garden daffodil, Nighttime, Calendula arvensis, Marigold, Souci, Mirabolis, Calendula officinalis 


It is used as a pain reliever. Ointment can be applied to any painful area. Pains are relieved, tension and stiffness are gone.

It resolves urine retention. It has a diaphoretic feature. 

Menstrual blood is removed and regulated.

Calendula tea, as a blood-cleansing herbal tea, is a very useful herb for germy jaundice. 

It can be used in 12 finger intestinal ulcers.

It is very good at eliminating itchy foot fungus.

It is very beneficial for blood boils, pigment spots on the skin, and old age spots.

When it is applied to bruises and wounds, recovery becomes quicker. Likewise, it is used safely in burn wounds.

It is an effective plant in the healing of ongoing eczema. 

It is effective in local treatment of diaper rash. 

When applied to the gums, it removes the discomfort caused by the resin plates that surround the teeth.


Preparation Format:


 1 teaspoon of herbs 200 ml. Boiled in boiling water. Then it is infused for 10-15 minutes and filtered.



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